Every Child Deserves Hope!

Welcome to the YFS Foundation, a Not-for-Profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation Intent on Instilling Hope Around Our World.

There are about 65 million young girls in various developing countries that are not given a chance to attend school. These girls traditionally marry young and many become mothers when they themselves are still children. They are unable to ever earn a meaningful wage, and they know of no reasons to encourage their own kids to attend school. This continues a cycle of poverty and despair in their communities and holds down the development of entire countries.

We can change this cycle of despair!


We believe that EVERY Child Deserves HOPE!

 For less than $1 a day, you can change her world by giving her an education. The YFS Foundation, through this help, is providing essential educational supports to girls in developing countries – instilling first-generation literates and future generations of informed, hopeful citizens, communities and countries.

We also know the powerful potential for good that new and innovative science and technology has on our world. This is why we provide essential resources to high school students to pursue their college educations and become our future researchers, scientists, doctors and engineers.


The YFS Foundation will bring immediate and lasting qualitative improvements to the lives and communities we support by providing new educational opportunities. We will deliver value, drive positive social change and instill hope where it is needed.


The YFS Foundation will be the premier provider of educational opportunities for girls and students around our world and will create hope for all.



The YFS Foundation has a Memorandum of Understanding and ongoing partnership with IIMPACT, a well-respected and efficient not-for-profit corporation in India.